Free Resources for Learning From Home
Provider Summary

BBB Educational Enterprises

Brian Rhodes, President
BBB Educational Enterprises, Inc.
[email protected]
(205) 529-6925 cell
(855) 994-7588 ext 701

* Updated Information:

Per our announcement last week, we are announcing the upcoming
Zoom Sessions to support educators as we prepare for potentially
doing more virtual learning.  The below sessions will be taking place
starting this week and going into next week.  All sessions will run
from 9:30-11:00 central time.  We will offer more sessions depending
on the response to these initial sessions.  I would encourage you to
attend these sessions and feel free to share these with other teachers as
well.  We have a limit of the number of attendees per session so please
register as soon as possible to reserve your spot.  We will send out a
confirmation email to those who are registered with the link to the
Zoom sessions.  

Registration Link:

Dates and Sessions

March 26th — General Strategies to Leveraging Virtual Reading
     Meeting Recording:

March 30th — Strategies to Leverage Interactive Read Aloud/
Shared Reading/Close Reading

March 31st — Strategies to Support Small Group/Guided Reading
& Independent Reading

April 2nd — Strategies to Leverage Foundational Reading

April 3rd — Strategies to Leverage Writing

We know these are tough times for everyone.  We look forward
to providing some strategies and examples of resources that can
be leveraged to support learning while kids are not in schools.  
Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you and
stay safe.

Like the rest of our fellow educators, the BBB team has been
navigating the ever-changing Coronavirus situation on a daily
basis. We have been working diligently to ensure that teaching
and learning remain at the forefront of our work, while also
ensuring the safety and health of our team as well as all teachers,
students, and district employees. To that end, and to follow the
CDC guidelines, we are working to shift our fact-to-face Profess-
ional Learning days to a virtual platform. Training days and
coaching/modeling days are being reviewed and reconfigured to
meet the instructional needs of each district, school, and teacher.
Customers who have Professional Learning days scheduled
will receive direct communication from us. In addition, our team
will be providing some free online PD options coming up next
week to help districts, schools, and teacher with supporting
learning in virtual/distance learning environments. We know
having students face-to-face is the best, but we have developed
some great strategies in how to navigate instruction in a virtual
way while supporting quality reading instruction. Please look for
invites coming early next week for Zoom sessions that will cover
these topics. We are inspired by all teachers and students who are
quickly transitioning to online instruction. We applaud your
commitment to your students and we look forward to continuing
the work with you! Please let us know if we can do anything in
the meantime to help you.
We are going to post on a regular basis ideas for parents to do at
home with kids to support learning. We will also be positing other
free resources available from our partner companies. 

Facebook —
Click on the FB link to find available resources (you will need
to "like" the page). We will also post on our FB account as well
as our Twitter account ideas and suggestions for parents to support
students while at home. There will also be supports for teachers.
There is a post on the Facebook account about accessing supports
with Read Alouds and Activites. This is tied to authors. 

We will be doing some free webinars as well to support teachers
around reading supports and how to provide those supports in a
virtual way.

Fordham Institute:
for Learning From Home
During COVID-19
School Closures
Meteor Education

Phil Buckley
MeTEOR Education
(904) 868-2154
ELA Performance Task Titles and Descriptions[2][2].docx

Math Performance Task Descriptions[1][2].docx
Learning Policy Institute:
Learning in the Time of

Reading Horizons

Nate Smeding 
(801) 971-3693 [email protected]

Jennifer Bishop 
(772) 486-8845 [email protected]

For Students: Reading Horizons Discovery (Grades K-3) & Elevate (Grades 4-12) Software. 
DESCRIPTION: Reading Horizons methodology provides a structured literacy approach in phonics and decoding skills that is explicit, systematic and sequential. Our software will meet each student with highly differentiated instruction and is designed to: (1) address a full range of foundational reading skills; (2) deliver high-quality, grade-level reading instruction to each student; (3) ensure students learn at their own pace, and (4) provide progress monitoring. Our Reading Horizons K-3 software is designed to meet the needs of general education, intervention, EL and Special Education students. Our Reading Horizons Elevate software is designed to meet the needs of intervention, EL and Special Education students.

For Teachers, Administrators and District Personnel:
Professional Development Support and Educator Resources through Reading Horizons Accelerate ( Additional weekly live teaching webinars to support teachers delivering on-line instruction.

Check out our website for more information:

David Mickelsen
[email protected]

Director, Educational
Partnerships - Central

(256) 566-5545
599 Broadway · 9th Floor
New York, NY 10012

Free access to the Educator Edition of at no cost via trial codes. Appropriate for grades 5-12. 

Discovery Education

Vanessa Riley
[email protected]

[email protected]

To help schools and the communities they serve maintain continuity of learning during school closures due to the coronavirus, Discovery Education is offering free access to the Discovery Education Experience to those schools and school systems currently experiencing closures. Schools accepting this offer will have access to our dynamic K-12 learning platform and its ready-to-use digital lesson plans, activities, and standards-aligned resources through the remainder of the school year, which will help teachers continue instruction in the event they need to shift to a virtual teaching environment. To request access to Experience, principals and superintendents of affected schools or school districts are encouraged to fill out the Experience Access Request form. Schools systems looking for information on supporting virtual learning should visit this website for resources supporting the continuity of learning.

To help with these efforts, we have extended the opportunity for school systems experiencing closures due to the coronavirus free access to Discovery Education Experience. Schools can use this dynamic K-12 learning platform through the remainder of the school year, giving students and teachers more options during this difficult time with online access to ready-to-use lesson plans, activities, and standards-aligned resources.

To request free access to Discovery Education Experience, principals and superintendents of affected school or school districts are encouraged to fill out the Experience Access Request Form.

Finally, please find below some additional helpful links as we collectively look to support our educators and students during this time of remote/virtual learning.

5 Ways Digital Content Can Support Virtual Learning (including support for Parents):

Looking for meaningful and engaging learning activities for your children? The Daily DE features a grade-band appropriate learning activity for every day of the week. From digital interactives to virtual field trips to fun science experiments and more, these daily activities are great for keeping the learning going at home! Visit here to learn more:

Featured and Upcoming Virtual Field Trips:

We have also created a special Viruses and Outbreaks channel within Discovery Education Experience, which provides actionable content and timely updates regarding the coronavirus, as well as pre-made lesson starters that describe what a virus is, how it spreads, and gives essential guidelines for staying healthy.

Discovery Education is a company whose mission is to prepare learners for future success by connecting them to the world outside the classroom. We will continue to monitor this event closely and look for ways to help educators everywhere prepare students for success, no matter where they are.


Lee Berlin
[email protected]

During this crisis, Scholastic stands united with educators and families around the common goal of ensuring our children continue learning at home. As you strive to offer meaningful remote learning to your students, we are here to help. Scholastic resources can offer comfort and continuity to help your entire community. And with ongoing support, teachers will continue to do what they do best: help children learn and thrive.

Free Resources from Scholastic
Learn at Home ( is an essential website that gives children, families and educators valuable cross-curricular, literacy, and current events resources. Scholastic will continue to update and augment this resource as the crisis unfolds.

Scholastic has created Teaching Our World ( to help educators and families provide age-appropriate information about the coronavirus to inform students and ease their fears.

Additionally, Scholastic Home Base ( is an online environment where children can meet their favorite book characters, write stories, and hang out with other readers in a safe, moderated space. Many favorite authors will host live events in Home Base; parents, teachers, and students are encouraged to log in and participate.

To access our informative brochure outlining the many resources being offered by Scholastic, please click here.

Curriculum Associates

Kelly-Ann Parson
Curriculum Associates
[email protected] 

Curriculum Associates is offering two ways districts can continue to educate students at home: free printable at home packs and access to i-Ready instruction in both Math and Reading k-8.

We’ve launched to give families and educators access to a library of k-8 printable at-home activity packs designed to reinforce key concepts and provide students with valuable self-directed exercises and practice during extended absences from school. The at-home activity packs are high quality and aligned to academic standards.

Additionally, we are providing District-level access to i-Ready teacher-assigned lessons and Learning Games at no charge until July 1, 2020 along with free virtual professional development and implementation support to educators and administrators as they transition to a blended and virtual education experience for their students. This option is available for any district. In addition, students do not have to have taken the diagnostic to have access to i-Ready instruction.

There are a few important considerations for participating districts.
· i-Ready access must be added at the district level. Districts may choose to activate i-Ready instruction for Reading, Mathematics, or both.
· To effectively launch the program, Curriculum Associates will need direct access to district leaders who manage technology, student information systems, professional development, and curriculum.
· All students and teachers in the participating schools must be rostered with Curriculum Associates. Districts using Clever or Classlink to manage student information will be best equipped to participate.
· All classroom teachers will need to attend a virtual training session that will equip them to assign and monitor the most appropriate i-Ready lessons for their students.

Voyager Sopris

Laura Woolf
[email protected]

Support and Resources for Remote Learning | Voyager Sopris Learning

TransMath. TransMath® Third Edition is a comprehensive math intervention curriculum that targets middle and high school students who lack the foundational skills necessary for entry into algebra and/or who are two or more years below grade level in math.. Explore TransMath


Sue Luckey
[email protected]

Pearson created this site to address COVID 19 questions, support for 
parents/teachers/students on our Realize platform and we will post 
appropriate resources as they become available.

Here is the link (you will need to copy and paste it into your browser):

Imagine Learning

Christy Sanders
Area Partnership Manager AL
mobile  205.617.9034
support 866.457.8776

 Imagine Learning is providing access to our math and literacy suites for districts via administrators and principals. *Current customers have already been given instructions on how to add additional licenses.

To gain access and get started please use the survey below:


Laura Russell 
[email protected]
Audio Enhancement

Shannon Hopkins
[email protected]

Audio Enhancement is currently offering our lecture capture software for free! It is currently available for download from our web site

This free software allows teacher to do a local recording on their computer, which will capture the audio from the computers sound card or internal microphone.

Additionally this software records the screen of the teacher’s computer and stitches it with the audio file.

The teacher can upload this file to Google Classroom or your preferred learning management system (LMS) for students to review.

This can be utilized in the classroom, or at home and will provide them with a very simple interface to facilitate instruction.

For districts that have invested in our VIEWpath platform, you can utilize this tool to help with distance learning as well:

VIEWpath allows teachers to record video in their classroom, capturing both the audio and video from the classroom camera, along with a recording of their computer screen.

The combined audio, video, and screen capture is automatically processed by the VIEWpath appliance, and delivered to the teachers MY portfolio account. From there the file can be uploaded by the teacher to Google Classroom or your preferred learning management system (LMS).

The teacher can then easily combine that recording with other instructional resources, allowing them to deliver high quality content to their students who are attending online.

We will continue to keep your students, faculty and staff in our prayers while, we as a nation, weather this storm!


Chirs Northington
[email protected]
blackboard com

This link contains tons of information / webinars / etc. about how Blackboard is dedicated to helping schools transition to online learning.

Alabama Supercomputer

Debra Wallace 
[email protected]

ASA has pens and highlighters that can be provided for students.

T-Mobile for

Mike Wood
[email protected]

Sandy Kilburn
[email protected]

We understand that most schools lack remote learning plans to support a full district shutdown for any amount of time and will support you by taking the following steps to support your 
students effective immediately:

     Waived application requirement for EmpowerED connected
     student plans
     No cost hotspot option to support connecting all students 
     in the household 
     Options from $10: 2GB High Speed Access to $20: 
     Unlimited High Speed Access
     Individual district conversations to determine student 
     mobile access needs
     Typically we have these shipped to our kitting teams, but 
     some districts have chosen to have them shipped directly 
     to them. Typically when a device is in stock, we can place 
     the order and have the devices shipped overnight, so you 
     could expect a very quick turn-around.
     Implementation teams will label and kit all devices for 
     district direct to parent/student deployment
     CIPA compliant filtering included on every device upon 
     Reduced contract terms

Please let me know when you have 30 minutes to discuss my drafting a plan proposal that you can share with your Cabinet 
and Board Members as a part of your response plan.


[email protected]

Free online resources:
At Crayola, our mission is to help families and educators raise creatively alive children. Using creative tools and experiences, we provide educators with innovative teaching strategies, parents with tips and techniques, and children with colorful tools that bring their imaginations to life. We believe in creativity in learning and would like to share the following resources to help families Create-to-Learn at-home. 

Free web event:
The Crayola creatED Creativity Hour Live Web Event Tuesday, March 24, 2020 9:00 AM ET
Creative At-Home Learning
Join us for a live web event filled with easy at home creative learning inspiration! Learn ways to create and explore the power of creativity to​ boost your child's social-emotional learning and literacy skills. We’ll share​ video activities, questions to spark creative conversations—and more!
Click Here to Register or Visit:


Martha Harmon
Field Maketing Mgr
[email protected]

This document has details on Renaissance solutions that can help educators, families, and students with at-home learning:

Additionally, we have a Renaissance at Home website that has resources available for Renaissance customers, which we’re currently in the process of expanding with additional resources to support all educators.


Jai Abrams
Partnership Manager
[email protected]


We have several free printable and digital resources and also a landing page with up-to-date resources. Below are the three websites where the free resources can be accessed for all Alabama districts and schools.

Edmentum Free Teacher K-12 Printable Worksheet Bundles :

Free Progress Access to Edmentum Solutions :

Edmentum Free Resources:


Steve Santora
Account Executive
[email protected]


Here’s a list of current resources for School Closure: (I’ll share new items as they are available)

Teacher PD Resources Edgenuity/Odysseyware: Complimentary Professional Learning Resources

Instructional resources:

Book a time to talk about supporting your teachers and students:
Alabama Edgenuity / Odysseyware Calendly link:

Johnson Controls

Rusty McLellan
We’ve been discussing with our leadership ways we can help school districts in AL. While a lot of folks don’t need assistance with facilities right now, I think we may offer some expertise in the virtual space.  Because so many at JCI work from home, we have some experts on hand in the use of tools such as Zoom and Teams.  If anyone needs some coaching on how to use the tools for online teaching and administrative functions I could setup something.  Also, we have a large portfolio of K12 across the country so if there are specific challenges that superintendents are challenged with, we may be able to reach out through our network to see how others are dealing with them.

Andre Harrison
Sr. Dir. Regional Ser.
[email protected]

Cognia stands ready to support our network of education providers as many schools are moving instruction online to support learners amid school closures due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Our experts in blended and digital learning have created resources to help you.

Resources Available On Demand

Customized Resources for those Needing Additional Support

Designed to support schools or school systems in quickly developing capacity to deliver effective online instruction, Cognia can customize professional learning for faculty and administrators or take a deep dive into your digital environment to provide supportive evaluation and feedback. This includes: 

  • Customized professional learning focused on:
    • Technology integration and effective implementation
    • Digital curriculum design and standards alignment
    • Depth of knowledge levels within content standards
  • Comprehensive review and evaluation of your digital environment:
    • Select courses within your LMS
    • Your full LMS and digital environment

Contact [email protected] for more information and pricing.

Discovery Education Experience

Our STEM Provider partner, Discovery Education, is offering free access to Discovery Education Experience for U.S. schools and school systems that are experiencing closures due to COVID-19. To request access to Discovery Education Experience, principals and superintendents of affected schools or school systems are encouraged to fill out the Experience Access Request Form.

Houghton Mifflin
Harcourt (HMH)

Tabitha Reever
[email protected]

Courtney Kirkland
[email protected]

Jennifer Howard
Jennifer.Howar[email protected]

Matt Swilling
[email protected]

HMH, The Learning Company continues to partner with school districts to determine the right resources and options to help solve the biggest needs of districts across Alabama– including managing a virtual teaching and learning environments, supporting teachers, parents and students when they need help and facilitating expanded use of digital resources. We are happy to provide updates on the HMH offerings and resources available that will help districts during this new environment. Please use this site  Coronavirus Customer Support page for updates and support. You may also contact your state account executives for continued support. 

You may also access additional resources on our blog:

(Goodwyn Mills Cawood)

Gary Owen
[email protected]

FEMA Assistance for Schools


Winsor Learning

Zeke Stokes
[email protected]

Winsor Learning has announced free online professional development opportunities for teachers, as well as a new Parent Empowerment Pack, which includes three weeks' worth of lesson plans that parents can do with their children from grades K through 5.

To access the menu of professional development opportunities for teachers, click here.
To access the Parent Empowerment Pack, click here.

(3.26.20) Registration for next week's coursework is now open. It includes 3 new courses and 3 of the most popular ones from the first week of sessions. And as before, these workshops for you and members of your team come at absolutely no cost to you.

To register for next week's coursework, go to:

Lexia Learning

Julie Williams
[email protected]

Lexia understands how disruptive an extended school closure can be and we are committed to helping you ensure the continuity of student learning. 

Both Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® can be used from home as part of a remote learning implementation during extended school closures or other special circumstances. 

Please contact Julie Williams ([email protected]) to learn more about: 

  • Utilizing Core5 or PowerUp in a remote learning environment 
  • Working online and/offline using Lexia’s instructional resources 
  • Supporting students and parents during the remote learning period

Please let us know how we can help.

Publisher's Warehouse

Lisa Silver
[email protected]

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and in an effort to bolster the remote learning capabilities of Alabama’s educators, Publishers’ Warehouse, in partnership with EBSCO Information Services , launched ( —a FREE on online platform which aggregates both online and published resources purchased by the state, providing teachers with a central portal of available resources designated by grade bands. What they assembled in less than a week is truly impressive. 

“ is only the first step in what we plan to provide school districts across our state and others. We look forward to a day when these platforms can be customized not only for school districts and schools, but for specific classes and individual students. Providing our teachers and students with the customized technology and resources they need beyond the classroom will ensure we provide the level of education required in our constantly changing world.”   

Teachers 'N Tools

Cynthia Lowery
[email protected]

With the Governor's announcement of school closings for the remainder of the year, Teachers 'N Tools has received word that OneScreen is offering, FREE for six months, HYPE accounts - the remote video collaboration by OneScreen OneSolution. Screen sharing is a fabulous tool for any business, classroom, student or teacher!
You may say...WHY? We have SKYPE and ZOOM. As you will see from this link (, HYPE offers so much more! We continue to move ahead in developing new technology for all learning! HYPE offers collaboration tools, sharing of email and interactive work with teachers, students and parents!

For those of you who have the H5 OneScreen technology, HYPE is included with your purchase. For those of you wishing for the H5 OneScreen interactive panel, HYPE is FREE for SIX MONTHS! Please contact us for information! We are here to help you!

MICROSOFT is using HYPE for their educational research and communications! Let’s join the GIANT of technology and be the BEST we can be for our students, teachers and parents.

We look forward to assisting you during this COVID-19 crisis!

Simply enter your email address or contact our Coronavirus-Response Specialists and we'll get you or your team set up now.

  • Just open your browser or download the desktop app
  • Easy video, audio and chat from one solution
  • Instant and secure using any device (apps available)
  • Simple tools for screen sharing, recording and translation
  • One click from your screen gets you to live help and training

Click this link:

Parrish and Associates

Jimmy Parrish
[email protected]


Dear Superintendent,
As you probably realize, having workers in remote locations poses many new cybersecurity challenges for your enterprise. One of our partners, NXTsoft, has recently put out 5 micro-training modules for companies to learn how to stay cyber-safe in this time of workers being remote, and I wanted to share these free classes with you. Just register on the link below to get some really good ideas on how to meet this remote worker challenge.  
Thanks, and here is the link to sign your company up: