Consulting Opportunities
Retired or soon-to-be-retired superintendents, or other interested members:

SSA Business Members reach out to us on occasion asking if we know of anyone who is interested in working for them as a consultant, so we have decided to provide an area where you can connect with one another about these opportunities.

In an effort to keep these exchanges confidential, we will provide the Business "category" and contact information of the Business Member and any other information that they care to share, and encourage you to reach out to them for additional details.  Do rest assured that we will only post information for SSA Business Members.

You will receive an email entitled "Consulting Opportunities", and will be directed to a link containing the contact information for the Business.  Please do not contact SSA directly, as we are only serving as the host for this exchange. 

Category:  Kloud-12 State Sales Manager (June 2018)