SSA Mission Statement

SCHOOL SUPERINTENDENTS of Alabama (SSA) is the professional association for school system executives and their leadership teams.
SSA’s purpose is to give superintendents:

- Quality Professional Learning Opportunities
- A Leading Voice in Sound Public Policy Development and Advocacy
- Meaningful Collaboration and Networking

School Superintendents of Alabama is the only association in Alabama for all school superintendents and members of their leadership team. There are approximately 1525 members, including 138 public school systems, individual, retired, associate, and business members.

SSA is a professional non-profit organization comprised of superintendents and school system leaders from across Alabama who are committed to improving education for Alabama's children. SSA has a full-time office staff who represent your viewpoint year-round in a definitive voice to the Legislature, Governor's Office, and other policy making bodies including the State Board of Education and keep the SSA membership informed on important issues.